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New Lawn Installation

1) Ground preparation consists of grading soil away buildings and removing any debris in the soil

2) We apply starter fertilizer to promote fast germination and healthy root growth - 3) Next we direct seed or lay sod that well suits your property (sun, shade, sand, clay, etc )

3) Straw is mulched to cover newly seeded lawn to retain moisture and ensure more even germination. On steep slopes straw erosion control mats are installed. 

Retaining walls and steps

Decorative concrete block retaining walls offer many advantages over poured concrete or timber walls.  Concrete block retaining wall systems resist rot, have good strength, look better, and are  less expensive than poured concrete. Concrete or stone steps can easily be incorporated in most block wall systems.

Brick Paver Patios and Walkways

Brick pavers come in many different styles and colors.  With so many options the possibilities are almost endless.  Brick pavers resist cracking (can easily be replaced if cracked), and are more asthetically pleasing than poured concrete.  Some applications where pavers can be used include; patios, walkways, driveways, firepit patios, and fireplaces.

Trees and Plants

We offer complete tree and plant installation.  We use high quality flowers, shrubs, and trees to ensure high survival rates and uniform growth.  We also install mulch, decorative stone, edging, and weed barrier.  We install plantings on new construction sites or renovate outdated landscapes.


If you need help with plantings or hardscape projects, we offer landscape design services.  We walk through the site, take measurements, and discuss what you would like and make sure it will work properly before installation.

Mini Excavator

With the addition of our mini excavator we are able to offer services. These services include; excavation of frost walls for new additions, remove concrete slabs, auger holes for fence posts or basketball poles, stump removal, and bury downspouts.